Success Stories

  • ProjectHigh Precision positioning system of the multi-axes Linear motion stage for Gen-11 FPD equipment

    한국국기JUSTEK 이스라엘ACS Motion Control

  • ProjectMobile-enabled Blood Glucose Monitor

    한국국기AllMedicus 이스라엘GlucoMe

  • ProjectPreclinical & Clinical Development of AIP Cell Therapy Product in Korea

    한국국기CureTherapeutics 이스라엘Orgenesis

  • ProjectMultilingual NLP for Financial Knowledge Graphs

    한국국기Wisenut 이스라엘Basis Technology

  • ProjectDevelopment of IoT-based Real-time Safety & Water Intelligence Delivery System

    한국국기Corners 이스라엘Woosh Water Systems

  • ProjectDeveloment of UV curable Silicone agent and Manufacturing process of Optic Lens For Lighting

    한국국기IL Science 이스라엘Polymer G