Release of KORIL-RDF Handbook 7th Edition

  • Date12/15/2020
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We announce the release of KORIL-RDF Handbook 7th edition.
For the convenience of companies, project budget format is provided as an Excel file with the revised handbook.
The revision of the handbook includes:
  • increasing maximum Travel expense from USD 3,500 per person per trip to USD 5,000 per person per trip,
  • extending fund to Joint Commercialization activities in KORIL project,
  • emphasizing signatures on proposal/report cover pages,
  • officially recognizing e-mails as official notices.
As of December 2020, starting the 1st RFP 2021, all new proposals are applied to the 7th edition but ongoing or completed projects are inapplicable. 

All materials including the revised handbook and excel formats are downloadable on our website. (click)