KORIL R&D Program

Call for KORIL R&D & Pilot Program 2023 (44th BOD)

  • Date01/12/2023
  • Deadline29/03/2023
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KORIL R&D & Pilot Program

1st Call for Proposal 2023


The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and Korea Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (KORIL-RDF) invite you to submit joint proposals for industrial R&D and pilot projects.


These program aims to

1. Improvement of quality and quantity of the joint R&D projects

2. Reflection of technology-development policy of both countries responding to the change of industry and technology  

3. Expansion of commercialization opportunity of technology cooperation

Important Dates

& Deadlines

Opening date:  January 12, 2023

Closing date:  March 29, 2023

Anticipated announcement date of Call for Proposal results:  July 2023 (Tentative)



R&D cooperation between two, unrelated companies, one registered in Korea and the other in Israel.

The companies should jointly apply for KORIL support.


Either company must not have more than 20% shareholding in the partnering company.


(The participation of Research institutes/universities is welcome according to the KORIL funding guidelines – as a subcontractor up to 20% of the total project budget.


Eligibility Criteria for

Project proposal

All technology Sectors (except defense) 

·         A jointly developed technology or product(s) that shows considerable innovation

·         The project should generate an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the technological cooperation between companies in Korea and Israel.

(New technologies, standardisation, prototyping, new or improves products, access to R&D infrastructure, etc.)

·         At least 30% of the actual R&D work must be done in Korea as well as in Israel.

·         Companies must have the ability to fund the supplementary portion of their project budget

after a grant.


Project funding support

Funding for R&D Project :


1. KORIL R&D Program

·         For project costs above USD 100,000 with commercializable product/ technology

·         Project duration up to 2 years (Max).

·         Fund up to US$ 3,000,000 per project or 30% to 50% of the total qualified project cost, whichever is lower.

·         Fund up to 30,000 USD for joint commercialization activities.


Funding for Pilot Project:


1. KORIL Pilot Program

·         For project to pilot or testbed near-market technologies (e.g. TRL 6-8) with a beta site for the purpose of commercialisation and project duration not more than 1 year.

·         Fund up to US$ 1,000,000 per project or 30% to 50% of the total qualified project cost, whichever is lower.


Types of projects to be supported

Two types of projects will be considered for program funding:


1.       R&D Project, focused on development of new products, processes or technologies

*TRL 4-6


2.       Pilot Project  

supporting the piloting and commercialization of near-market technologies (e.g. TRL 6-8) by 2 or more companies through joint piloting/ testing of the product with specific customers or global market.




- Hight Level of Innovation/Novelty

- Potential for Commercialization Success

- Technical and Financial Capabilities

- Commercialization/Marketing Capability

-Complementarity to each country/Company

- Synergy Between Companies, relevant background

- Reliability of the work and budget plan


Proposal Guidelines and forms are available here: Guideline&Forms




All project proposals should be jointly written in English and submitted to KORIL offices


simultaneously by Korean and Israeli companies together. 




1.       For Israeli companies: The Israel Innovation Authority’s Online System(onlinesystem), no later than 12:00 IST.


2.       For Korean companies: KORIL-RDF”s Website(Proposal Submission), no later than 18:00KST.


*For the uploading procedure in the Israel Innovation Authority online system kindly see attachment below.


(Important note) 

1.     Israeli companies need to register to the IIA system (companies that applied for the IIA’s support previously, use the same user information) and upload the proposal.

2.     Please do not leave your submission to the last minute, KORIL-RDF will only accept proposals that were submitted on time. KORIL-RDF will not accept the proposals submitted after the given deadline.

  3.     Please make sure that your partner company submitted the proposal on both platforms. KORIL-RDF will not be able to accept proposals submitted from only one side.



Please feel free to contact us to discuss your proposal.


KORIL-RDF, Korea Office: 


Sooah Lee, Industry Analyst


- Tel: +82-2-6009-8248


- E-mail: 


KORIL-RDF, Israel Office:


Hadar Zax-  Iinternational programs Manager Japan & Australia KORIL Fund Manager


- Tel: +972-3-5118143


- E-mail: 






>>Do you have an idea to test? Join to KORIL Feasibility program (Feasibility study, pre-R&D)


·         For project cost up to USD 100,000


·         Fund up to US$ 50,000 per project or 50% of the total qualified project cost, whichever is lower.


·         The project term is up to 6 months.