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Call for Bio-convergence Proposal 2021 (New Top-down Program)

  • Date08/24/2020
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Call for New Proposals - Bio-convergence


Korea Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (KORIL-RDF) is a bi-national foundation, created by the governments of the Republic of Korea and the State of Israel, whose mission is to promote and support technological collaboration in innovative R&D between commercial companies in both countries.


This new program develops innovation through Korea-Israel cooperation on a range of Bio-convergence technologies, in the following 4 subsectocs: Advanced Engineered Drug Deliver & Diagnostics Systems (bio-nanorobotics), Advanced Therapeutics Discovery Systems, Tissue Engineering (3D Bio-printing & Cyborg Tissues), Bio-electronics & Electroceuticals, and Bio-sensors & Hybrid Devices.


(What is Bio-convergence?)


In recent years, global health and medicine have been undergoing a revolution driven by the recent technological breakthroughs in the fields of engineering, biology and medicine. This revolution is fostering a new multidisciplinary industry that is based on the synergy between different technologies from the fields of biology and engineering known as “bio-convergence.


For more info about Bio Convergence:

Project Type

Maximum Budget

Maximum Grant

Maximum Period


Over USD 4,000,000

- Unlimited

USD 2,000,000

36 months

(optional 48 months)


Total project funding will be 50% of the eligible cost and up to 2 Million USD.

Note: All project proposals should be jointly written in English and submitted to KORIL offices simultaneously by Korean and Israeli companies together and to the Israel Innovation Authority online system by 12:00 IST (by the Israeli partner) – 18:00 KST, December 31, 2020.


The proposals should be submitted via e-mail: and cc your partner company’s e-mail address.  

For the uploading procedure in the Israel Innovation Authority online system kindly see the attachment.


Guidelines and forms are available here:



Please feel free to contact us to discuss your proposal.


*Korea Office: Soo Mee Chin, Team Manager

- Tel: +82-2-6009-8247

- E-mail:


*Israel Office: Ella Heller, Israel Manager

- Tel: +972-3-5118143

- E-mail: