Preliminary Step

Preliminary stage

Search for R&D patner

  • KORIL-RDF provides companies with consulting services for matchmaking and partner search.
  • If you are looking for a partner,
    1)  Please complete Project Cooperation at KORIL Marketplace
    2)  Please review Company DB of partner country. And If you have suitable companies to collaborate, please contact KORIL-RDF at khnam@koril. org with a 1-Pager of      company information and a value proposition that we can evaluate and share with the Korea/Israeli companies.

Preparation and submission of English proposal for joint R&D project

  • Use KORIL-RDF Handbook and Project forms from KORIL Guidelines & Forms to prepare for a proposal and submit it to both KORIL Offices simultaneously via link below.
  • Korean Company : Proposal Submission
  • Israeli Company : IIA Portal